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Shenzhen Haibo motor drive development co. LTD. Website revision notice
2018-06-26 10:48:38

In order to better play the role of the company website as the window and medium for corporate publicity and to enhance the awareness of various sectors of the society on haibo electric, we revised the company website according to the opinions and Suggestions of the general staff.

This revision is mainly implanted to enhance the visible effect and highlight the advantages of the scheme。 On the basis of the original website, it displays the classified information of the plan more intuitively, and updates and supplements other information in the website。

In the future, our company will provide customers with complete solutions and customization support in the research and development fields of "chair wheel/scooter", "carbon fiber scooter", "balance car", "four-wheel scooter" and "intelligent robot"。

For the application of motor, provide one-stop professional operation such as design, research and development, program implementation, etc., cooperate with the advantages of its product line, effectively solve the implementation cycle of customer program, and significantly reduce customer procurement

Risk and cost.

At present, the company’s website has been completed and officially launched on July 18, 2018。 Please pay more attention to the website construction and give more valuable opinions to support the website construction。

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